January 30, 2011

Inspiration + Find

Sources/Links: Inspirations photos, clockwise from top left: via Little  Green Notebook (interior design by Schuyler Samperton, originally published in Domino), via Desire to Inspire (interior design by Katie Leede), via Elle Decor (interior design by Blathnaid Behan), and Beach Bungalow 8. Three suzanis from uzcraft777 seller on ebay: here, here, and here.

I also wanted to say a quick thank you to Cathy at RoomRx for nominating me for a Stylish Blogger Award. While circumstances prevent me from doing my own Stylish Blogger Award post right now, here are a few of my favorite photos from Cathy's blog:

January 23, 2011

Red, Green, and Blue Rug

1) 6.5x9’ Art Deco rug from Heritage Unlimited
2) Photo of kids room with grasscloth wallpaper (interior design by Hilary Thomas) from Lonny, Jan/Feb 2011
3) Photo of nursery with grasscloth wallpaper (interior design by Miles Redd) from milesredd.com; originally published in Domino, October 2005
4) Bam Crib by Argington from amazon.com
5) Loom Crib by Nurseryworks from Petit Trésor
6) Photo of green curtains from Pottery Barn; they’re not actually available in that color at Pottery Barn, I just included the photo to show what the curtains might look like in green.
7) Photo of room at J.K. Place Capri from Lonny, Oct/Nov 2010
8) Photo of bedroom designed by Nathan Turner from nathanturner.com
9) Photo of room with green chaise and curtains by Michelle Workman
10) Photo of room with photo montage above bed via La Maison Boheme; originally published in Coastal Living

January 18, 2011

Affordable Art Roundup

This week, an affordable art roundup of pieces under $100 (many of them are under $50).
Sources/Links: 1) "God Rays" zinc plate etching from Printsnat seller on Etsy, $20; 2) "Un type disparu" (image ID #1562085) from New York Public Library Digital Gallery, $50-100 (depending on size); 3) "Untitled" by Ross Bleckner from artriver.com, $67; 4) "Application de double pochoirs cont." (image ID #1562077) from New York Public Library Digital Gallery, $50-100 (depending on size); 5) "Don't hide the treasures you found in a hole in the ground" print from JacqleenBleu seller on Etsy, $21.50; 6) "I Stand Up Next to a Mountain, 1999" by James Nares from artriver.com, $39.
Sources/Links: 1)"At the Bosphorus" (image ID #76544) from the New York Public Library Digital Gallery, $50-100 (depending on the size of print); 2) "Oak in Fog, Northern California" by Matthew DeLorme from zatista.com, $85; 3) "Landscape 3" by Gerhard Richter from artriver.com, $49; 4) "Butler's Orchard" by Eddie O'Bryan from gallerydirect.com, approximately $62 (you have to call them to purchase an unframed print) ; 5) "View from Above" by sugarcoat on deviantart.com, $7 for 10x15 size; 6) "Lafayette Square, 2006" by Adam Kuehl from eyebuyart.com, $50 for 14x11 size; 7) "Close-Up of Symmetrical Pattern Etched in Surface of Wall" from allposters.co.uk (they ship to the U.S.), about $70 for 81x61cm size; 8) "Orange Avenue, St. Augustine" (image ID #G90F146_100ZF) from New York Public Library Digital Gallery, $50-100 (depending on the size of print).

A few additional resources:
  • Sites like the NYPL Digital Gallery allow you to customize where you want the image cropped when you're ordering a print. Or, for $75 they will sell you a digital copy (for personal use only, of course) instead of a print, so you can crop/customize/resize it as you wish and then have it printed yourself.
  • An affordable online source for art printing (they use good, matte paper) is zazzle.com.

January 09, 2011

Recreating Favorite Rooms on the Cheap

1) Photo of dining room from G.P. Schafer Architect, but I believe the interior design is by Miles Redd (see here)
2) Photo of Vesta Fort’s office via Stylecourt; originally published in Domino, May 2006; photo by Paul Costello.
3) A few online sources for affordable, drapery-weight linen: Grayline Linen and New York Fashion Center fabrics
4) 60mm Greek Key Trim from M&J Trimming
5) 2 ½ inch Black and White Greek Key Tape from Lewis & Sheron
6) 3 inch Black Trim from Lewis & Sheron
7) Linen Walnut Fabric (code 31896) by Duralee from Inside Fabric
8) Peyton Linen-Cotton Drapes in White or French Ivory from Pottery Barn
9) “Contemporary” and “Traditional” Style Bookcases made by Woodcraft Industries
10) Vintage White Ceramic Urn Lamp from piqueHOME seller on Etsy
11) Cobble Hill Clark Velvet Side Chair from ABC Carpet & Home
12) Hemmed Jute Rug in Natural from The Company Store

January 02, 2011

The Beauty of AuctionZip

Are you guys familiar with the site AuctionZip? If not, I definitely suggest using it. It allows you to find multiple local - or not-so-local - auctions, and most auctions include photos of all of the items that will be up for sale. 

Here are my tips to get the most out of this site:
  1. If you just want to search for auctions in your local area, fill in your zip code, the distance you want to search from that zip code, and select the category "Antiques-Household-Collectibles." That is, don't bother filling in a keyword, even if you're looking for something specific. The reason for this is because most auctioneers just put up photos of their items, and don't add any keywords or descriptions. So putting in a keyword won't usually show what's actually available at these auctions. Instead, just browse all of the photos for the auctions that interest you after you've clicked "Search."
  2. AuctionZip allows you to search in separate AuctionLive and Absentee Bidding categories (so that you can bid on something far away or if you can't make it in person to a local auction). But these categories are very limited - that is, they don't show all of the auctions where absentee bidding is an option. In reality, most auctioneers offer some form of absentee bidding - and many are even happy to ship the item nationwide - so you can always just search for an item the usual way on AuctionZip (see point 1), and if you see something you like, just email or call the auctioneer to find out what their absentee bidding options are. They'll also be happy to check the measurements on a piece or give you more specifics about its condition. 
  3. Don't expect to get furniture for $40, but usually you will get an amazing deal (I've seen plenty of cool furniture sell in the $100-250 range). (Location may make a difference here, because I think things tend to sell for much less if you're not at an auction in a large city with lots of competitors.) 
  4. Missed bidding on an amazing find at a recent auction?  Since AuctionZip lets you see recently-held auctions, if you find something you love just call the auctioneer - the item might not have sold so it still could be available for purchase.

Here's just a small sample of furniture available at one of my local auctions today:

 Sources/Links: All images from here