August 16, 2010


Hello and welcome to my new blog!

Yes, it's another design blog...but, I hope I can offer something different by focusing on just a single aspect of decorating: creating a room from favorite patterns. As a textile designer, I obviously love pattern, but I'm not a trained interior designer — these posts simply represent how I might like to mix different prints and furnishings to create the beginnings of an eclectic room. I hope you enjoy!

Before  posting the first room, take a look at just a few of my favorite spaces:

room by Joe Nye via

room by Peter Dunham, via Style Court

photo by Mel Yates, via Hall Ready

photo by James Merrell, via The Estate of Things

Kristen Buckingham

 Better Homes & Gardens, via Little Green Notebook

Lonny magazine, April/May 2010

Cottage Living, viaDecorno

room by Hamish Bowles, via Habitually Chic

 room by Zach Motl, via The New York Times

room by Ruthie Sommers via Style Court, originally published in LA Confidential magazine