December 19, 2010

Sari Roundup

For the next two weeks over the holidays I'll be doing more posts, but they'll be of a different type.

Today, a roundup from a source for affordable accent fabrics: sari shops.

A few tips when searching: 1) Make sure you’re not in the polyester section - stick with cottons or silks; 2) In general, avoid ones with too much metallic embroidery so the overall effect is subtler (unless you're looking for that one metallic accent in a room); 3) Use sparingly - again so the effect is subtle; 4) Make sure the sari isn’t too sheer for your purposes (or, be prepared to back it with another fabric); 5) Remember you can always modify it significantly (e.g., if it’s only the border you like, cut that out and have it sewn side-by-side for “stripes” on small items like throw pillows and chair cushions).

Some inspiration:
Orange saris were added to the foot of the bed; image via The Adventures of Tartanscot (originally published in House Beautiful)
Room by Amelia Handegan, via Stylecourt
A bedroom in John Derian's Provincetown house, with a kantha quilt - a running stitch quilt made from recycled saris; image via Apartment Therapy (originally published in Martha Stewart Living)
Some affordable finds:
Each of the above saris is $62 or less, and the fair trade kantha throw (bottom left) is only $80.
Sources/Links (clockwise from top right):
1) Mango Mood Yellow Cotton Sari from Utsav Sarees
2) Clear Sky Grey Cotton Sari from Utsav Sarees
3) Mundu Tangerine Ochre from
4) Dabu Block Print Sari from
5) Pochampalli Magenta Grey Maroon Sari from
6) Kanchi Cotton Yellow Navy Sari from
7) Sari Blanket from Sari Bari
8) Albicant Cream Sari from Utsav Sarees
9) Brook View Deep Grey Sari from Utsav Sarees
10) Silent Grey Sari from Utsav Sarees
11) Fairy Grey Sari from Utsav Sarees